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weight management

Most people find losing weight to be a great challenge and retaining a healthy weight even more challenging. So, how do we go about it? At Top Doctors Online, we take the balanced approach to help you lose weight gradually and naturally. This is to serve our global of long term weight loss.

Throughout this journey of our weight management program, we plan to assist you by providing you with full understanding and knowledge of our evidence based approach that includes healthy eating and physical activity.

Weight Management

weight management

Our weight management programs
include a realistic goal, a customised
nutritional plan and physical activity.

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In addition to help you lose weight, we
ensure that you maintain a healthy
weight throughout.

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Understanding that every body is
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In addition to helping you lose weight, we ensure that you maintain a healthy weight throughout. The basic concept of our weight management program is losing weight through a negative energy balance, where calorie expenditure exceeds calorie intake. To gain weight, calorie intake should exceed calorie expenditure.

Why people fail to Lose Weight?
  • Most people end up setting an unrealistic weight loss goal
  • Emotional eating due to stress of weight loss
  • Failing to follow a balanced diet
  • Lack of motivation to the cause of weight management
  • Searching for quick fixes for fast weight loss
How do we Help to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
  • A scientific approach to lose weight naturally and gradually
  • Setting a healthy and realistic weight loss goal
  • A balanced diet and a fitness regime to improve metabolism
  • Handholding by a dedicated health coach
  • Daily tips to stay on track with your goal
The Set Point Theory of Weight Loss

Set Point Theory is defined as a range of weight the body and fat level to perform best.

Our genetics structure our weight to stay within a certain set point. Our brain then determines the amount of fat needed to sustain our regular life, within the set point. This strikes a balance and helps maintain healthy weight.

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  • No change routine
  • No rigorous exercise
  • No bland diet regime
  • No diet supplements
  • Long-term weight loss
  • Enjoy customised diet plan by Nutrionists & Dieticians as per Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Bengali and South Indian preferences
Sonali Sharma

sonali sharma

age 32, music teacher

Hello All, Feel absolutely delighted to share my story with you..I have gone down from 89.5 to exactly 82.5 kgs from 19th of January till date. I have my target set for 75 kgs and I am quite sure with Dr Brijesh's guidance and skill and hopefully my own efforts will see that day very very soon. Proud to show you my " Before" and "After" pics?

success story
Mukesh Karnavat

Mukesh Karnavat

age 40, Marketing Professional

Hi, I have been following the prescribed diet since the last month! I admit I did skip some days and cheated on my diet, but it's all good, since TDO and especially Dr Brijesh helped me with the damage control. I feel the difference already and have lost about 1.5 kgs .All thanks to Dr Brijesh and TDO!

success story
Ansuya Joshi

Ansuya Joshi

age 53, Homemaker

My marriage has hit an all-time high and all thanks to TDO! I have actually achieved what everyone thought was impossible - lost weight and got under 50 KGS and that too after 15 years of marriage - Many thanks to Dr Amay for the amazing patience which has not only restored faith in myself ,but most importantly , I feel youthful and vibrant once again!

success story
Shweta Meher

Shweta Meher

It has been a pleasure to know you Dr Brijesh and I wouldn't like to thank you for all the troubles I gave you about allowing me my sweets once a week! I followed your cheat codes religiously and sir, both me and my wife have lost about 2.5 kgs in the very first month. Once again , many thanks and hoping the same advice and help from you.

success story

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